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Exterior Painting

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Our 8-Step Process for Exterior House Painting

Would you like to improve your home’s curb appeal? Our skilled team of professional painters follow a specific eight-step-process to guarantee a beautiful painted home that you will be proud of.

What does your home exterior look like?

  • Have you noticed rotted wood around your garage, front porch or chimney?
  • Is the exterior paint style outdated or do just need a fresh and new look?
  • Do you see paint on your home that is peeling or fading?
  • Do see cracks and chipped caulk where moisture could be penetrating into your home?
  • Is peeling paint and a faded front door just not the look you desire?
  • Are you listing your home and need a fresh coat of paint?

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Our professional crews will follow a detailed eight-step-process to ensure a high quality service.

  1. Cleaning and Power Washing Carnival Custom Painting begins by cleaning all painted surfaces through power washing, brushing or hand cleaning.  In addition, our crew will apply a mildew treatment on any mold or mildew present. This step is essential to ensure that the new paint will adhere properly.
  2. Wood Repair Our skilled team will replace damaged or rotting wood on the fascia, soffits, chimney, garage and around the windows.  Loose wood trim pieces and siding will be re-nailed down for a professional look.   Any peeling or bubbled paint that was not removed by pressure washing will be hand scraped and nail heads will be reset and filled.
  3. Protecting Property Painting on your brick or windows is not acceptable! Our careful painters will protect landscaping, windows, masonry, fixtures, shingles and all other surrounding surfaces with plastic sheeting drop cloths, tape and paper prior to painting.
  4. Primer for Sealing, Bonding and Smoothing When the preparation work is complete, our team will treat all new and exposed surfaces with primer to promote adhesion of the new topcoat to prevent tannin bleed through on new wood, and to ensure a smooth long-lasting finish.
  5. Caulking It is important that your home is properly caulked, so any loose caulk will be properly removed and replaced.  This will include both windows and doors. We apply a premium 40-year rated latex caulk prior to painting to ensure a tight seal and reduce air leaks or moisture from penetrating the exterior of your home. Windows can be glazed during this time if required.
  6. Meticulous Application We offer two premium quality paints from Sherwin-William’s which include both SuperPaint and Duration (details below). The application will consist of both brush and spray, depending upon the requirements of the particular surface being painted.  If you do prefer an exterior paint different than Sherwin-Williams we will be happy to discuss the pros and cons and apply if requested.
  7. Protocol Our team follows a strict protocol to ensure your home will be kept clean and well cared for throughout the painting process.  Our team will complete the project in an efficient and timely manner. Any remaining touch-up paint will be properly labeled and left for your convenience.
  8. Inspection and Follow-up
    Upon final completion, a Carnival Custom Painting supervisor will conduct a thorough inspection and invite you to review to ensure your complete satisfaction.  Any identified issues will be handled immediately.  All work is backed by our 3 year guarantee.

Exterior Painting Options: Paint Choices

Each customer has different needs and expectations.  Some customers may be selling their house soon while others plan to live in the their homes for many years to come; other homes may have received sub-standard exterior paint application at build time and need a more robust painting / priming process to get them into shape to withstand the Texas weather and sun. With this in mind we offer two different exterior painting process levels to suit the differing needs of our customers, an explanation of each follows (Note – if you would like to use another paint we can discuss the pros and cons of that option as well):

Sherwin Williams’ SuperPaint:

  • Formulated with Advanced Resin Technology for outstanding adhesion, hide and color retention.
  • Outstanding coverage and durability. Provides a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating.
  • Withstands the elements and resists frost, peeling, blistering, fading and cracking.
  • Low temperature application down to 35°F.
  • Contains VinylSafe® Technology — allowing you to paint darker colors on vinyl siding without worrying about warping or buckling.
  • High-gloss is ideal for reducing sticking on doors, windows and trim.
  • 4 mil wet thickness, 1.5 mil dry thickness
  • Backed by a 25-Year Limited Warranty by Sherwin Williams
  • Time requirements:  1 to 1.5 days in warm months, 1.5 to 2 days in the cooler months

Sherwin Williams’ Duration:

  • Formulated with PermaLast™ Technology — for more durability and a thicker coat.
  • Excellent protection from cracking, peeling and blistering.
  • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
  • Self-priming
  • Low temperature application down to 35°F.
  • Contains VinylSafe® Technology — allowing you to paint darker colors on vinyl siding without worrying about warping or buckling.
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty by Sherwin Williams
  • Time requirements:  1 to 1.5 days in warm months, 2 to 2.5 days in the cooler months