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Paint It Green and Keep It Clean

Paint It Green and Keep It Clean

The low down on low odor and low VOC paints.

Many homeowners ask before painting their home “What effect will putting a new coat of paint have on my family’s health?” According to the EPA, the concentration of harmful pollutants is several times greater inside your home than outside and that paint is certainly a factor to be considered.

The harm in airborne chemicals among paints and other products are known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and they can eventually cause damage to our bodies. Air pollution from VOCs and odors in paints, normally when a house is freshly painted, can potentially cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue and asthma. However, now with new eco-friendly paints allow the painting professional to reduce the amount of VOCs applied and help to prevent the harmful effects of painting to our health and our environment.

With the new environmental regulations and consumer demands, paint producers have developed paints that limit VOC content and emissions by using natural alternatives to traditional, petroleum-based oil solvents. Additionally, different from earlier natural paints, you do not need to sacrifice quality to stay green when painting.

The newer eco-friendly paints are also more durable, washable and will last longer than previously used. Sherwin-Williams, the largest producer of coatings and paints within the US, has created its own line of eco-friendly paints that are up to the high-quality standards.

A few options of paints that will both cover your home and are free from the harmful side effects include:

ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex

ProMar® Zero Interior Latex Paint by Sherwin-Williams is the first complete professional line that has zero VOCs*, and is also available in four different sheens and every color. Additionally, it delivers maximum productivity with lasting durability and touch up ease.


Harmony® latex coatings from Sherwin-Williams are a good option for those looking to cover both occupied, indoor spaces while holding to the most stringent environmental coating specifications. The coatings are durable, have zero VOCs and are low odor. These coatings are also able to withstand frequent washings and resist mildew on the paint file due to their antimicrobial properties. These products are available in Flat, Eg-Shel, Semi-Gloss and Primer.

Duration Home™

Duration Home by Sherwin Williams is good for indoor projects and offer both low-VOC and low-odor paints. These paints are also environmentally-friendly and provide the maximum performance. It gives the homeowner an eco-friendly option but still remains a superior paint quality.

  • Low VOCs, lower odor
  • Many stains will clean simply with water or mild soap
  • Stains won’t easily penetrate the paint
  • Superior burnish resistance
  • Prevents mildew growth
  • Resists water streaking and moisture
  • Overall provides a good hide and touch-up
  • Easy to apply and retains smooth appearance

For more information regarding “Green Solutions” and environmentally-friendly paint products refer to the Sherwin-Williams link below.